Biak, Supiori and Yapen Islands

Biak coral island, on the north west coast of Papua, north of Cenderawasih Bay, is the gateway to Papua. Biak town has a population
of 50,000 and is a small easy town with a nice market and a few restaurants and hotels. The island has many beautiful beaches with easily accessible shallow coral reefs. Just 30 minutes by boat you can reach the Padaido Islands, a cluster of reefs and islands of which only some are inhabited. These islands are a perfect scenery for fishing, snorkeling, diving and beautiful sun sets.

Supiori Island on the north west of Biak is separated from Biak by a narrow channel the Teluk Senendidori. The island is designated as the Supiori Island Reserve containing mangroves and low mountain rainforest with endemic birds and mammals. Supiori has a


small mountain ridge with the highest peak at 1034m, white sandy beaches and unexplored coral reefs. The area provides great oppor-
tunity for bird watching and wildlife observation.

Yapen Island south of Biak is one massive mountain rainforest with its highest peak at 1430m. Serui is the largest town on the south side of Yapen with a population of 25,000. Serui has a small airport and can be reached in 20 minutes by plane from Biak. The northern area of Yapen can be reached in 4 hours by boat from Biak. The north side's jungle has many attractions for bird watchers; birds of paradise, crown pigeons, cockatoos, parrots and hornbills. All around Yapen you find stunning coral reefs for superb snorkeling. Visit the villages, beaches, reefs and jungle of Yapen and you will find a pristine paradise.


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